São Paulo International Marathon 2019 opens registrations

São Paulo International Marathon 2019 opens registrations

São Paulo (SP), 05/24/18 - The São Paulo International Marathon, one of the most important of its kind in the country, will turn 25 in 2019. To celebrate its Silver Jubilee, the competition opens promotional registrations. The event is scheduled for April 7, and may be postponed to April 14 (date will be set until September 30, 2018), starting at 6:50 am and arrival at Ibirapuera, in front of the Obelisk.

For registrations made up to July 30, until 4:00 pm (Brasília time), there will be a Promo sign in the amount of R $ 80.00, in cash on the ticket or twice in the credit card, and the Basic subscription , for R $ 100.00, also in cash on the ticket or twice on the card.

The 25th São Paulo International Marathon will have three distances, focusing on the classic. In addition to the traditional 42k race, there will also be the Half Marathon, ie 21k, and the 5k race. From there, all starts and arrivals will also take place at Ibirapuera.

The event will offer infrastructure (medical support, access, hydration, snacks) to the official number of enrollees. No extra features will be available for athletes who are not officially registered ("popcorn").

Results 2018
1) Solonei da Silva (BRA), 2h15min55seg
2) Wellington Bezerra da Silva (BRA), 2h16min06seg
3) Goodfrey Kosgei (QUE), 2h16min38seg
4) Philip Kiplimo (UGA), 2h16min50seg
5) Paulo Kimutai (QUE), 2h17min18seg

1) Andréia Hessel (BRA), 2h40min07seg
2) Shewaye Woldemeskel (ETH), 2h41min37seg
3) Valdilene Silva (BRA), 2h42min38seg
4) Adriana Aparecida da Silva (BRA), 2h42min55seg
5) Carmen Aguilera (PAR), 2h48min03seg

Better times
Throughout its history, the race has achieved quite expressive times, with the highlight of the Brazilian Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima (BRA), who set the record in 2002 with 2h11min19sec and Rumanian Rumokol Chepkanan with 2h31min31sec in 2012 Kenyans Biwot, with 2h11min21sec in 2010 and David Kemboi (QUE), with 2:11min53 in 2011. Men's singles were Carolyne Komen from Kenya with 2:35min51sg in 2015 and Moroccan Samira Raif, with 2h36min01 in 2011.
All São Paulo Marathon Champions (Men / Women)
2018 – Solonei da Silva (BRA)m 2h15min55s/Andréia Hessel (BRA), 2h40min07s
2017 - Paul Kimutai (QUE), 2h17min56s/ Leah Jerotich (QUE), 2h41min58s
2016 – Paul Kimutai (QUE), 2h17min14seg/Alice Kibor (QUE), 2h35min56seg
2015 – Asbel Kipsang (QUE), 2h15min15s/Carolyne Komen (QUE),2h35min51s
2014 – Paul  Kangogo (QUE), 2h14min16s/Rumokol Chepkanan (QUE), 2h42min27s
2013 – Stanlei Koech (QUE), 2h16min07/Samira Raif (MAR), 2h38min23s
2012 - Solonei da Silva (BRA),2h12min25s/Rumokol Chepkanan (QUE),2h31min31s*
2011 - David Kemboi (QUE), 2h11min53s/ Samira Raif (MAR), 2h36min01
2010 - Stanley Biwott (QUE), 2h11min21s/Marizete Moreira (BRA), 2h39min26s
2009 - Elias Chelimo (QUE), 2h13m59s/ Marizete Moreira (BRA), 2h42m24s
2008 - Claudir Rodrigues (BRA), 2h17m07s/Mª Zeferina Baldaia (BRA), 2h42m20s
2007 - Reuben Chepkwek (QUE), 2h16m05s/ Jacqueline Chebor (QUE), 2h40m12s
2006 - Rotich Solomon (QUE), 2h15m15s/ Margaret Karie (QUE), 2h39m24s
2005 - José Teles (BRA), 2h19m47s/ Márcia Narloch (BRA), 2h40m39s
2004 - Franck Caldeira (BRA), 2h17m30s/ Margareth Karie (QUE), 2h40m10s
2003 - Genilson da Silva (BRA), 2h16m26s/Mª do Carmo Arruda (BRA), 2h39m12s
2002 - Vanderlei de Lima (BRA), 2h11m19s*/ Mª Zeferina Baldaia (BRA), 2h36m07s
2001 - Stephen Rugut (QUE),2h14m30s/ Marizete Rezende (BRA), 2h38m57s
2000 - David Ngetich (QUE), 2h15m21s/ Márcia Narloch (BRA), 2h40m15s
1999 - Paul Yego (QUE), 2h15m29s/Márcia Narloch (BRA), 2h37m20s
1998 - Diamantino dos Santos(BRA), 2h16m55s/ Viviany Oliveira (BRA), 2h39m58s
1997 - Kipkemboi Cheruiyot (QUE), 2h17m07s/ Viviany Oliveira (BRA), 2h42m13s
1996 - Chalam El Maali (MAR), 2h15m21s/ Janete Mayal (BRA), 2h41m40s
1995 - Luiz A. dos Santos (BRA), 2h17m11s/Ilyna Nadezhda (RUS), 2h49m33s

The São Paulo International Marathon 2018 is an organization and organization of Globo and Yescom, with special support from the São Paulo City Hall and Sampacor. The support is Coffee 3 Hearts, Probiotics, Garmin, Montevergine, Two Minions Hortifruti, Blessed Camphor and Velocitá. Technical supervision is from CBAt, FPA and IAAF and AIMS
More information on the official website, www.maratonadesaopaulo.com.br
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Headphones: (11) 98266-6086 (T) - Nextel: (11) 947821214 - ID 35 * 25 * 86378
E-mail: mbragacom@mbragacom.com.br

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