A sunny sunday in the winter carioca. With a mild temperature of around 24 degrees, Kenyans Stanley Biwott, male, and Esther Kakuri, female, won the 23rd Rio de Janeiro International Half Marathon, which features one of the most beautiful courses in the world. While Stanley competed for the first time, Esther secured the third championship in his third consecutive appearance. The best placed Brazilians were Giovani dos Santos and Rejane Ester da Silva, from the Elite Runners Usb Team, who came in fourth place.
Newcomer to Rio, Stanley Biwott had a duel with Ugandan Fred Musobo and Kenyan William Sitonik within 15 kilometers of the race. From then on, Stanley set off at a faster pace, took advantage of his opponents and crossed the finish line with a time of 1h01min49sec, the sixth fastest time of the 23 editions and the 14th Kenyan victory.

“The final part of the race is very stressful because of the numerous curves of the course, which breaks the pace a bit,” said Stanley, 33, winner of the New York and Paris marathons and who made 1h01min43sec at the Luso Half Marathon in Lisbon last year. Stanley, who considers Rio a “very cool place” competed in the 2016 Olympic Marathon, but did not complete the race. The difficulty in pace was the result of the necessary changes in the route due to the ban on Niemeyer Avenue.

Rio Marathon Champion 2019, in June, Giovani dos Santos proved why he is one of the best Brazilians in the background. The miner finished the International Half Marathon in fourth place with a time of 1h04min42s. At 38, the athlete from the city of Natércia did not hide his emotion.

“I could almost look for third place, maybe a little more speed. The test, for me, was especially difficult due to a cold since Wednesday. Due to these circumstances, I can consider the result very good, ”explained Giovani, who praised the course of the race. “With the changes in the starting place, the route became faster. But it was a windy day, which wears a lot, ”he added.

For the third time in the Rio Half Marathon, 25-year-old Kenyan Esther Kakuri improved her time from 2018 by 1min50s and secured the third championship with a time of 1h16min52sec. “It is very important to keep this regularity in a race. I am happy and already with plans to return next year. I always come prepared to do my best, ”said the runner, who will have the next challenge at the Buenos Aires Half Marathon next Sunday, in which she was third place in 2018.“ This time I go to Argentina to improve my result "

Already the Rio de Janeiro Rejane Ester da Silva, celebrated its 35 years, completed on the 11th, making a test of overcoming. “I trained a lot for this dispute, but yesterday (Saturday) my right heel swelled. I woke up crying, hardly came, but my family gave me a lot of strength not to give up. I didn't even know if I could complete the test. I just have to thank God, ”he said. “It's a very strong test. Last time I stopped in the middle, I couldn't stand it, but despite all the adversity, now I managed to be on the podium, ”he added.

Results 2019


1) Stanley Biwott (QUE), 1h01min49sec

2) Fred Musobo (UGA), 1h03min14sec

3) William Sitonik (QUE), 1h04min30sec

4) Giovani dos Santos (BRA), 1h04min42sec

5) Marco Joseph Marco (TAN), 1h04min52sec


1) Esther Chesang Kakuri (QUE), 1h16min52sec

2) Viola Chemos (UGA), 1h17min25sec

3) Tseginesh Legesse (ETH), 1h17min32sec

4) Rejane Ester da Silva (BRA), 1h18min25sec

5) Kleidiane Barbosa Garden (BRA), 1h18min43sec


2019 - Stanley Biwott (QUE), 1h01min49sec / Esther Kakuri (QUE), 1h16min52sec

2018 - Paul Kipkorir (QUE), 1h05min02sec / Esther Kakuri (QUE), 1h18min42sec

2017 - José Márcio Leão (BRA), 1h04min18sec / Esther Kakuri (QUE) 1h14min44sec

2016 - Giovani dos Santos (BRA), 1:04:47 Mon / Joziane Cardoso (BRA), 1:17:58 Mon

2015 - Edwin Rotich (QUE), 1:02:25 sec / Nancy Kiprop (QUE), 1:12:37 sec

2014 - Leul Aleme (ETH), 1h03min44sec / Nancy Kiprop (QUE), 1h13min13sec

2013 - Geoffrey Mutai (QUE), 59min57sec / Nancy Kiprop (QUE), 1h11min52sec

2012 - Wilson Erupe (QUE), 1h01min46s / Paskalia Chepkorir (QUE), 1h07min17s

2011 - Mark Korir (QUE), 1h01min33s / Eunice Kirwa (QUE), 1h10min29s

2010 - Joshua Kemei (QUE), 1h04min02s / Eunice Kirwa (QUE), 1h14min37s

2009 - Elias Kemboi (QUE), 1:02:51 / Eunice Kirwa (QUE), 1:14:07

2008 - Marilson Gomes (BRA), 1h03m12s / Maria Zeferina Baldaia (BRA) 1h13m40s

2008 - Zersenay Tadese (ERI), 59min56s / Lornah Kiplaga (HOL), 1h08min37s (World Half Marathon **)

2007 - Franck Caldeira (BRA), 1h03m07s / Ednalva Laureano (BRA), 1h12m15s

2006 - Franck Caldeira (BRA), 1h03m26s ??/ Marizete Rezende (BRA), 1h14m23s

2005 - Biwott Kipkosqei (QUE), 1h02m48s / Sirlene Pine (BRA), 1h14m21s

2004 - John Gwako (QUE), 1h02m11s / Rita Jeptoo (QUE), 1h14m25s

2003 - Philip Rugut (QUE), 1h03m44s / Anne Jelagat (QUE), 1h14m53s

2002 - Philip Rugut (QUE), 1h03m03s / Anne Jelagat (QUE), 1h13m49s

2001 - John the Baptist N'Tyamba (ANG), 1h03m31s / Selma dos Reis (BRA), 1h15m02s

2000 - John Gwako (WH), 1h01m48s * / Margaret Okayo (WH), 1h11m22s *

1999 - Luiz A. dos Santos (BRA), 1h03m40s / Margaret Okayo (QUE), 1h12m07s

1998 - John Gwako (QUE), 1:01:49 / Martha Tenorius (EQU), 1:11:40

1997 - Tomix da Costa (BRA), 1:04:04 / Ornela Ferraro (ITA), 1:14:53

* Race Record - 2013 - Geoffrey Mutai (QUE) - 59min57s / 2012 - Paskalia Chepkorir (QUE) - 1h07min17s

** In the same race was the IAAF Half Marathon World

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