Athletes with 60 and above

Athletes with 60 and above

1º. The benefit of 50% discount at the time of registration is exclusive for those who are 60 years old or over. Do not use this benefit for others because you will be subject to penalties of law. Do not give away your application to anyone!
2º. There will be an exclusive service desk for the ATHLETES with 60 years or more in kit delivery which will expedite the attendance and the conference of the documents.
3º. To facilitate the location of the results and images, both by the ATLETA and the Organization, the breast numbers of all categories available in the event including the category ABOVE 60 YEARS will have a sequential series of easy location.
4º. In case of proof of misuse of the 50% discount benefit, the Organization may apply the rules of item 10.8 of the Regulation.
5º. There will be no participation kit delivery on the day of EVENT, nor after the same.

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