/19 - The runners from Kenya won the 13th São Paulo International Half Marathon. On Sunday morning (17), Geofry Kipchumba and Sharon Arusho confirmed the favoritism and won the race. After 21,097 meters through the streets and avenues of the São Paulo capital, Geofry set the time for 2h04min37sec, while Sharon completed the course with a time of 1h17min03sec. With the result, the foreigners now dominate in the men, with seven wins against six of the national runners, and in the women with the ninth achievement in the history of São Paulo.

Brazilian athletics took second place. Among the men, Gilmar Lopes crossed the finish line with a time of 1h05min51sec, followed by Damião de Souza, champion in 2009, with 1h06min51sec. Already in the women's race Andréia Hessel was vice with the mark of 1h19min22sec, coming soon after Simone Ferraz, 1h20min50sec. In the Chair category, Carlos Pierre de Jesus and Vanessa de Souza secured the top of the podium.

One of the main events of the calendar, the São Paulo International Half Marathon completed its 13th edition. The cloudy day, with moments of drizzle, was the mark of this year, but did not take away the enthusiasm of the athletes or the public present in Charles Miller Square, in front of Pacaembu Stadium. In the dispute between Brazilians and foreigners, Africans took the advantage, winning in male and female.

Geofry Kipchumba, just 19 years old, followed up on last year's series of good results when he won the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon, was runner-up in Shopping Aricanduva and third in the Ten Miles Boy. He started well, kept a place between the hands to start in km 5 towards victory in Sao Paulo.

“The race was very good and I loved the course. This was my debut in this race and could not be better. I hope to repeat this positive performance in the coming races, ”said Geofry, champion of 2019.

Gilmar Lopes, in turn, highlighted the opponent. “It was a tough race and the Kenyan set a strong pace from kilometer five. As I am preparing for the Pan American Games marathon in Peru, I preferred not to force and I am very happy with second place, ”said the runner-up.


As a female, Sharon also had no trouble securing another achievement. She managed to overcome tiredness to win this Sunday. “It was complicated, because I got in late on Saturday night and couldn't relax as I wanted. But thanks for the result. I was happy to come here and win, ”said Sharon, champion of the Pampulha International Tour last year.

Andréia Hessel, the country's main name at the event, highlighted the route. “Challenging route, but it is that that provokes you and demands a lot. Loved the weather, which was perfect for running. The year started since last year and I didn't stop. I have an index for the World Cup and the Pan American, both in the marathon, I hope to get well enjoying strong events like this, ”said the Brazilian.

Results 2019

Men's Elite
1) Geofry Kipchumba (Kenya), 1h04min37sec
2) Gilmar Lopes (Brazil), 1h05min51sec
3) Damião de Souza (Brazil), 1h06min51sec
4) Giovani dos Santos (Brazil), 1h07min18sec
5) Edson Amaro dos Santos (Brazil), 1h07min37sec

Women's Elite
1) Sharon Arusho (Kenya), 1h17min03sec
2) Andréia Hessel (Brazil), 1h19min22sec
3) Simone Ferraz (Brazil), 1h20min50sec
4) Jaciane Araújo (Brazil), 1h23min59sec
5) Larissa Quintao (Brazil), 1h24min08sec

Male Wheelchair
1) Carlos Pierre de Jesus (Brazil), 58min03sec
2) Leonardo Melo (Brazil), 1h07min31sec

Female Wheelchair
1) Vanessa de Souza (Brazil), 58min57sec
2) Jessica Giacomelli (Brazil), 1h12min47sec

Times and champions

In its history, the Half Marathon International and São Paulo has presented good marks. In this edition, the expectation is once again for even better times due to changes in the now more linear, flat and fast course. The male record holder is Kenyan Joseph Aperumoi (QUE), with 1h01min38sec, obtained in 2012, followed by Brazilians Marilson do Santos, with 1h03min10sec, 2011, and Giovani dos Santos, with 1h03min37sec, and 2013.

Among women, Paskalia Chepkorir, also from Kenya, has the best time, with 1h12min29sec. Second is Sara Makera from Tanzania with 1h13min19sec and Angelina Mutuka from Kenya with 1h14min14sec.

2019 - Geofry Kipchumba (WHAT), 1h04min37sg
2018 - Dennis Kemboi (WHAT), 1:05 min21sec
2017 - Daniel Kiprotich (QUE), 1h04mins56sec
2016 - Giovani dos Santos (BRA), 1h06min21sec
2015 - Solonei Rocha da Silva (BRA) 1h04min36sec
2014 - Stanley Koech (QUE), 1h03min52sec
2013 - Giovani dos Santos (BRA), 1h03min37sec
2012 - Joseph Aperumoi (QUE), 1h01min38s (race record)
2011 - Marilson Gomes dos Santos (BRA), 1h03min10sec
2010 - Giomar Pereira da Silva (BRA), 1h04min31sec
2009 - Damião Ancelmo (BRA), 1h05min18sec
2008 - Kipromo Mutai (QUE), 1h04min02sec
2007 - Mathew Chebo

i (WHAT), 1h06min15sec

2019 - Sharon Arusho (WHAT), 1h17min03sec
2018 - Joziane Cardoso (BRA), 1h16min54sec
2017 - Caroline Kimosop (QUE), 1h18min29sec
2016 - Sylvia Kibiego (QUE), 1h18min03sec
2015 - Joziane Cardoso (BRA), 1h17min45sec
2014 - Joziane Cardoso (BRA), 1h17min29sec
2013 - Sara Makera (TAN), 1h13min19sec
2012 - Paskalia Chepkorir (QUE), 1h12min29sec (race record)
2011 - Agnes Jepkosgei Cheserek (QUE), 1h16min21sec
2010 - Rumokol Elisabeth Chepkanan (QUE), 1h14min35sec
2009 - Angelina Mutuka (QUE), 1h14min14sec
2008 - Eunice Kirwa (QUE), 1h15min08sec
2007 - Ednalva Laureano (BRA), 1h15min13sec

The 13th edition of the São Paulo International Half Marathon is a realization and organization of Yescom. The event is presented by Cosan, sponsored by Comgás and Minalba, special support is from the City of São Paulo, by Sampacor - Secretariat of Sports and Leisure, and support from Café 3 Corações, Montevideo, Probiotics, Two Brothers-in-law, CancúnCards, Novotel, Laby - lip care and Centauro, The technical supervision is from AIMS, CBAt and FPA.

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