São Paulo International Half Marathon transfer to 2022

São Paulo International Half Marathon transfer to 2022

On November 9, 2020, considering the instability of the current scenario across the country with regard to large sporting events where the quarantine decrees are being postponed, there is still no definition of the return of street racing of this size until the present moment, that athletes who are going to compete in a race like the São Paulo Half Marathon need training and travel schedule, that there is still no official protocol for this segment, the organizers and sponsors of the São Paulo International Half Marathon 2021, aiming at greater security for registrants, employees, suppliers and the general public, it decided to transfer the event from February 28, 2021 to February 20, 2022.

In this way, from November 9, 2020, editions 2021 and 2022 took place together on the same date forming the SAO PAULO INT'L HALF MARATHON 2021-2022 SPECIAL EDITION, hereinafter called EVENT. Effective registrations are still valid and updates will be published on the official website, through our press office and on Yescom social media.

The date is predicted and may undergo changes according to the determinations of the competent public agencies, and following guidelines and protocols of the same, the event will offer infrastructure (medical support, access, hydration, snacks) for the official number of registrants. Extra resources will not be made available for athletes who are not officially registered.





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