a - The 15th INTL HALF MARATHON IN SÃO PAULO will be an official COMPETITION with PERMIT of the São Paulo Athletics Federation and has as one of the main objectives through the Pandemic/COVID 19 that took place in the Country and in the World, the celebration of life, of practice of sport and well-being and being part of the resumption of the São Paulo Street Races calendar.

Thus, the ORGANIZATION, in order to prioritize and preserve the well-being and safety of ATHLETES officially registered in the RACE, will implement a sanitary protocol with technical procedures aimed at preventing the transmission of COVID-19 during the performance of the COMPETITION since the delivery of kit, arena, course and race conclusion, respecting the recommendations given by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the essence of resolution 004/2020 of the presidency of the São Paulo Athletics Federation regarding the realization of Street Racing Competitions and sporting events.


a- Every officially registered ATHLETE must complete an electronic pre-event registration that will be made available on the website with information about health, vaccination, if contracted COVID-19 or contact, among other problems.


a - As stated in item 13 of the regulation, the ATHLETE must present an ID document with original photo (Passaport), PROOF OF VACCINATION AGAINST COVID-19, FULL VACCINATION AGAINST COVID-19, (for 2-dose vaccines) OR SINGLE-DOSE VACCINES, 14 (fourteen) DAYS BEFORE THE START OF DELIVERY OF THE PRINTED OR DIGITAL KIT IN THE OFFICIAL FORM OF THE SUS OR GOVERNMENT OF YOUR CITY and also the ATHLETE must deliver to the ORGANIZATION A COPY OF THE COVID-19 NEGATIVE RESULT OF THE RAPID (NASAL) OR RT-PCR TYPE TEST VALIDITY 72 (seventy-two) HOURS BEFORE THE OFFICIAL END OF RACE TIME. This copy will be retained and given to public health authorities. This rule also applies to employees and service providers who will be working on the delivery of the kit, course and Arena RACE.

IMPORTANT 1: The ATHLETE must also follow the measures described below for kit removal. If the ID card or proof of vaccination against COVID-19 and the test result are not presented together with the identification document, the kit will not be delivered to the ATHLETE and he may return at any time with the said documents while the delivery kit is open or send the same through a third party following the rules contained in the regulation in item 13 for delivery of kits to third parties.

IMPORTANT 2: If the health authorities waive the need to deliver the negative result of the COVID-19 test, the ORGANIZATION will inform the registrants through the email registered at the time of registration.

b - If the ATHLETE does not present the documents, is not vaccinated against COVID-19 or refuses to present them for not accepting and agreeing to the vaccination, he may request his kit without chest number and without the medal through from 35 (thirty-five) business days after the COMPETITION, which will be sent by the ORGANIZATION by a specialized carrier. The ATHLETE must bear the postage costs, calculated based on the city of São Paulo, which will be informed in the response to the request. The ORGANIZATION will be able to fulfill the request in an average period of up to 90 (ninety) business days.

c - The ORGANIZATION may deliver the kit in a staggered manner by scheduling the day and time in which the ATHLETE will pick up his kit, which can be defined in alphabetical order or by choosing one of the options available on the website official. For any of the forms presented and defined by the ORGANIZATION to be used, there will be a maximum limit of ATHLETES per day aiming at a flow control so that no agglomerations occur in the place. The conditions and criteria for scheduling, after defining the option to be adopted, will be disclosed through the official website and Technical Newsletters that will be sent via registered email from the ATHLETE, through news from the press office and posts on social networks.

d - When accessing the place where the kit will be delivered and the ATHLETE EXPO venue, the body temperature will be measured and if a temperature above 37.8 °C (Celsius) is detected, access will not be allowed.

e - It is mandatory to wear a face mask in the airway region during the entire period of stay on the premises of the EXPO kit and the ATHLETEs delivery location. Unmasked input will not be allowed.

f - The ORGANIZATION will make available at the place of delivery of the kit and at EXPO ATHLETE a 70% gel alcohol dispenser, and in the ATHLETE kit 02 (two) sachets, but we recommend that everyone has a spare face mask for any eventualities and their prevention personnel of products of cleaning for COVID-19.

g - To assist the ATHLETE in delivering the kit, lines will be formed with the distance marked on the floor, which must be respected and controlled by monitors.

h - All employees, service providers, monitors, coordinators and organizers present at the kit delivery and EXPO ATHLETE will remain full-time wearing face masks, gloves and using 70% alcohol gel for the necessary cleaning during the service to the ATHLETE.

i - There will be a distance between the ATHLETE and the attendant, as well as an acrylic or similar transparent separation board at the kit delivery counter.

j - Meetings, gatherings or group meetings will not be allowed at the kit delivery location. The ORGANIZATION may limit access to the kit delivery only to the registered person without the right to a companion.

IMPORTANT: The ATHLETE or third party who is known to be in the period of COVID-19 infection or who, despite not having the diagnosis, presents symptoms of COVID-19 or fever up to 14 (fourteen) days prior to the date of removal of the kit, DOES NOT SHALL APPEAR AT THE KIT DELIVERY PLACE OR AT THE RACE, and may be civilly and criminally liable for such non-compliance.
Under no circumstances will any type of refund be made for this type of occurrence.


a - It is mandatory to wear a face mask in the region of the airways during the entire period of stay in the COMPETITION Arena, Start, Finish and preferably at all times of the RACE for the safety of all participants. We recommend that everyone has spare face masks for any eventualities and their personal hygiene products to prevent COVID-19.

b - Agglomerations in the Arena will not be allowed, the area being controlled by monitors.

c - The starts can be in waves of up to 100 people with intervals of 1 to 2 MINUTES between waves. All necessary information regarding the start times will be informed on the official website and on the kit delivery.

d - THE ORGANIZATION recommends and advises that ATHLETES do not take companions, especially minors and animals, to the RACE.


f - LOCKERS SERVICES WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE and, if implemented, will have separation by bays and maintenance of distance between ATHLETES, which can generate slowness both in reception and return, due to this operational condition, aiming to preserve the security of all. IF IT IS AVAILABLE, THE ORGANIZATION SUGGESTS THAT THE LOCKERS ARE NOT USED AND IF NECESSARY, ONLY IN EXTREME CASES.

g - ATHLETES after arrival will be sent to the place where snacks and medals are delivery, which will be delivered by the monitors with gloves, face masks and separation by isolation grids and individually packaged.

h - Hydration with water may be limited to 1 (one) or 2 (two) cups per ATHLETE, which will be delivered at room temperature by monitors with distance and separation by grids or similar, at room temperature to prevent people from putting their hands on the lame with ice and contaminate the place.

i - To attend the ATHLETE after arrival, queues will be formed with the distance marked on the floor, which must be respected and controlled by monitors.

j - All employees, service providers, monitors, coordinators and organizers present at the Arena, will remain full-time wearing a face mask, gloves and use of 70% alcohol gel, for the necessary cleaning during the service provided to the ATHLETE.

k - THERE WILL NOT BE ANY PROMOTIONAL ACTION that promotes agglomerations in the Arena do with the purpose of tasting the products of sponsors and supporters, as well as the distribution of gifts or similar items.

l - Sponsors who have products to deliver to ATHLETES will do so soon after the medal and snack, sequentially so that the ATHLETE does not need to travel around the Arena and can withdraw efficiently and safely after completion of your run.

m - The COMPETITION will offer infrastructure (medical care, access, hydration and snacks) for the official number of entries. Extra resources will not be made available to athletes not officially registered (“popcorn” / clandestine).

n - The presence in the RACE of the popcorn corridor or clandestine corridor may enable a possible transmission of COVID-19 by making it impossible to verify documents that prove its vaccination and non-contamination by the virus, therefore not meeting the sanitary standards, norms and protocols adopted to carry out the RACE

o - The ORGANIZATION reminds the registered ATHLETES that the competitions are sized for a certain number of entries in accordance with the regulations in force, in accordance with the capacity of the streets duly authorized by Organs.

p - We recommend that all participants have and carry with it 70% alcohol gel sachets for personal hygiene.

q - We recommend that all participants, when coughing and sneezing, cover their mouth and nose, use their arms or a disposable handkerchief, avoid using their hands, and if using, remember to sanitize with your alcohol sachet in 70% gel.

r - If during the RACE the ATHLETE presents any symptoms such as increased temperature, loss of taste, constant headache, loss of smell, constant coughing, body aches and difficulty breathing, he should immediately seek the RACE Medical Support so that be evaluated and, if necessary, sent to the public medical service.


a - Every officially registered ATHLETE must return to the pre-race electronic registration to fill in the post-race health questions that will be made available on the RACE website with health information, post-race symptoms, if had COVID-19 or had contact with another persons with COVID-19, among other issues.

b - If necessary, in positive cases, this information may be sent to the competent public health agency. The information will be deleted from the registration system 30 days after the RACE.


a - All communications and technical information will be made available on the website or and/or on the social networks of YESCOM and São Paulo Half Marathon and/or through messages by e-mail to the address registered by the athlete at the time of registration.

NOTE - This protocol may be amended in part or in its entirety in accordance with the guidelines of the competent public bodies, the ORGANIZATION being exempt from any type of reimbursement in case of non-agreement by an ATHLETE officially registered with such criteria and amendments.