a - The 27th MARATONA INTL DE SÃO PAULO - SAO PAULO INTL MARATHON will be an official EVENT with PERMIT of the São Paulo Athletics Federation and has as one of the main objectives through the Pandemic/COVID 19 that took place in the Country and in the World, the celebration of life, of practice of sport and well-being and being part of the resumption of the São Paulo Street Races calendar.

b- Thus, the ORGANIZATION, in order to prioritize and preserve the well-being and safety of ATHLETES officially registered in the RACE, will implement a sanitary protocol with technical procedures aimed at preventing the transmission of COVID-19 during the performance of the COMPETITION since the delivery of kit, arena, course and race conclusion, respecting the recommendations given by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the essence of resolution 004/2020 of the presidency of the São Paulo Athletics Federation regarding the realization of Street Racing Competitions and sporting events.

c – There will be an area for the assembly of Advisory and/or Coaches tents as informed in item 20 of the regulation and controlled by ATP.

d – The Luggage Storage service will be available at the EVENT.

ATTENTION: The ATHLETE or third party who is known to be in the period of COVID-19 infection or who, despite not having the diagnosis, presents symptoms of COVID-19 or fever up to 14 (fourteen) days prior to the date of removal of the kit, DOES NOT SHALL APPEAR AT THE KIT DELIVERY PLACE OR AT THE RACE AND THE ATHLETE EXPO, and may be civil and criminally liable for such non-compliance.
Under no circumstances will any type of refund be made for this type of occurrence.

e - If during the RUN the ATHLETE presents any symptoms such as increased temperature, loss of taste, constant headache, loss of smell, constant coughing, body aches and difficulty breathing, he/she must immediately seek the RACE Medical Support so that be evaluated and, if necessary, forwarded to the public service network.


a - All communications and technical information will be made available on the website or and/or on the social networks of YESCOM and São Paulo Marathon and/or through messages by e-mail to the address registered by the athlete at the time of registration.

NOTE - This protocol may be amended in part or in its entirety in accordance with the guidelines of the competent public bodies, the ORGANIZATION being exempt from any type of reimbursement in case of non-agreement by an ATHLETE officially registered with such criteria and amendments.