Sao Paulo Intl Marathon

On June 26, 2020, in agreement with the São Paulo City Road Race Commission, Sports Department of the city, and with the São Paulo Athletics Federation, considering the Pandemic scenario, where the quarantine decrees are being postponed and there is still no definition of return to road race and also considering that athletes who are going to run a marathon need training, safety and planning, we inform that:
In this way, from June 26, 2020, Editions 2020 and 2021 will happen together on the same date forming SAO PAULO INT'L MARATHON - MARATHON INT'L DE SÃO PAULO 2020 • 2021 SPECIAL EDITION
Paid registrations remain valid and more information will be published on the official website, on Yescom social media and through our press office.
The date of the event is scheduled to be changed in accordance with the provisions of the relevant public agencies.
The event will offer infraestructure (medical support, access, hydration, snacks) to the official number of enrolees.
No extra features will be available for athletes who are not officially registered.

I agree, I want to register and read the regulation in full.

I disagree and do not wish to register.