Team registration

Promo: Breast number and medal. (no tank top)

Básica: Tank top, breast number and medal

Premium: Tank top, breast number, fitness towel, bag, cap, cell phone case and medal

Team registration

Choose a option:

I am not registered and I want to register as a team admin

I am already registered as an individual and I want to register as a team admin

I am already registered as a team admin

The admin declares to register only people who authorized the procedure and who are part of his/her team or are under his/her guidance. The team admin will be subject to law enforcement in case the he/she registers a non-authorized person or who is no longer part of his/her team or under his/her guidance or responsibility.
Register of athletes aged 60 and above must be done through the Individual Register option.

To use this area, you need a CREF and at least 10 athletes.

Advantages of being a team coach/admin registered in Yescom

Team Coach/Admin Restrict Area Access
An exclusive webpage to address Team Coaches/Admins and their needs.

Registration Area
The "Coach Area" is restricted to those who have at least 10 (ten) athletes or more registered under his/her responsibility. All those who do not inform their CREF (Conselho Regional de Educação Física) number will be routed to the individual registration area.

Reports on Event Registration
In this webpage you will have access to reports about your athletes and the events there are registered in.

The coach registered in this area includes his/her athletes in any Yescom event generating one single payment slip and receipts for each of his/her registered athletes.

"My Athletes" Area – Reports on Event Registration
You can register or unregister your athletes easily.
The team coach/admin cannot keep in his/her athletes list the ones who are no longer part of his/her team or are no long under his/her responsibility.

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Do you have any doubts? You can check the regulation from 2020 Rio Half Marathon - Meia Maratona do Rio.

Click here and read the regulation


Check the rules and how you can recover your participation kit and your chip of 2020 Rio Half Marathon - Meia Maratona do Rio.

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