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Promo: Breast number and medal. (no tank top)

Básica: Tank top, breast number and medal

Premium: Tank top, breast number, fitness towel, bag, cap, cell phone case and medal

Individual Premium, Básica or Promo registration

Pagamento Boleto

Read with attention!

1 - The event will offer infrastructure (medical support, access, hydration, snacks) for the official number of registrants. Extra resources will not be made available for athletes who are not officially registered (“popcorn”).

2 - Before proceeding check security tips for payment of boleto.

3 - You will access a secure environment. Preferably choose Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera or the browser that best suits the application process and your device.

4 - Only issue the boleto if you are going to pay until the due date.
he issue of the ticket does not guarantee the vacancy and non-payment may block your order.

5 - heck that the first three numbers of the digitable line 1 re from the corresponding bank 2.
You can find the bank code by clicking here.

6 - You will only be able to register after registering and confirming a valid email.

7 - Check your name, event name and CPF 3. If there is a difference do not make the payment and send the ticket to

8 - Yescom does not store credit card data.


Do you have any doubts? You can check the regulation from 2020 Rio Half Marathon - Meia Maratona do Rio.

Click here and read the regulation


Check the rules and how you can recover your participation kit and your chip of 2020 Rio Half Marathon - Meia Maratona do Rio.

For more information, click here



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